At some point, I chose I needed to engage in the Georgian craftsmanship occasion here in London by uniting a hand-picked choice of Georgian adornments creators. Before adequately long, I went over Ia Pirtskhalava plans at Bluebird in London and immediately experienced passionate feelings for her plans intertwining present day and vintage components in erratic pieces, which I just couldn’t avoid imparting to you! Every one of Ia Jewels pieces is high quality and special (from £200). Fortunately, Ia was visiting the area herself, so I found her to find out about her way to deal with adornments create.


Creative jewellery design


When did you begin making stand-out adornments? What are the distinctive qualities of your gems?

I’m continually looking… But, to address your second inquiry I’ll refer to a diamond setter who said that I “obliterate all the previous guidelines of the craft of adornments.” I figure this may be what recognizes my gems…



Where is your atelier? How manages job happen in your atelier when you configuration new pieces for Blue Bird?

My studio is astounding – little, comfortable and at an exceptional area in the capital of Georgia. It is on the ground floor of an old house. The actual studio makes you innovative. It resembles a cauldron rising with inventive work



I have totally fallen head over heels in love for your alexandrite ring; what propelled this piece?

There’s just one answer – Alexandrite all alone is a shocking pearl with a fascinating name and history, just as a capacity to change tone contingent upon the climate and the hour of day.



Your gems assortments consistently include delightful stones, how would you choose which stones to utilize?

My stones quite often have considerations, they’re normally blurred, with strange shine, with their own feelings. They convey something intriguing, something enchanted, something strange for us… Sometimes, they accompany little defects – I think this is the thing that the Portuguese called “Barocco”… I love to utilize them with old fashioned precious stones, which my goldsmiths extricate from old, broken things.



What is the story behind your pieces with turquoise?

This is a genuine Georgian turquoise, and it has its own tone – the shade of the Georgian sky. It comes from the assortment of a Geologist, a genuine master and an expert – who tragically, died.


What is your soonest memory or experience of gems?

There’s a spot in Tbilisi called the “Dry Bridge”, where truly traders of rugs, materials and gems accumulated and still do. My most punctual recollections of gems are from the Dry Bridge outdoors swap meet.

With what materials and methods would you say you are testing now?

I just work with gold and silver. Yet, I continually explore different avenues regarding plan.



Where do you discover your motivation/impacts? What are you as of now chipping away at?

The magnificence of the world motivates me – this may be it… There’s likewise music, or an old mosaic, or old gems in a historical center, however above all the actual stones rouse me. They lead you, you simply need to tune in.

Right now, I’m teaming up with architects Tata Naka, which have recommended making an adornments assortment with a subject that I’m curious about, and I acknowledged this demand.



With Ia Pirtskhalava choosing my #1 pieces at The Shop at Bluebird, 350 King’s Road.



What should never be failed to remember when planning a gem?

About appeal. Gems should enchant.




Was adornments consistently a significant piece of your style?

Presumably not generally.



How might you portray your own style, and do you believe that your assortments straightforwardly mirrors that?

Certainly, they mirror my taste, style and, I would add, creative mind. I would depict my style thusly – it’s a logical inconsistency of the immaterial.



What amount do you figure one can tell from a lady’s own assortment of adornments?

I might want to cite a more seasoned, savvier individual here: “Taste can be terrible, or can be acceptable, or it very well may be faultless”. You can say something very similar regarding a lady, in the wake of investigating her gems box…


Ia Jewels is accessible at Propos Clothing and Jewelry, 23 Kostava Street in Tbilisi, Georgia and at The Shop at Bluebird, 350 King’s Road in London.

I’m very glad to declare that my new adornments book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewelry Styles and Styling Tips – is presently on Amazon. I’m so energized. It’s the primary book of its sort exclusively committed to gems.

You can pursue GEMOLOGUE pamphlet beneath and I additionally share adornments on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube on the off chance that you’d prefer to associate, or don’t hesitate to make proper acquaintance


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